Brown Supplemental Essay Writing

Brown Supplemental Essay Writing – 10 Tips to Stand Out of the Crowd

The biggest selling point that you can talk about in a Brown supplemental essay is that it has an open curriculum. You can take classes across several disciplines and explore things outside the domain of your major. A key tip to ace your essay prompt is to think outside the confines of your academic interests.

Per the facts given by Brown University, 69% of undergraduate classes have less than 20 students. It means that you can have a lot of face-to-face academic discussions with your researchers and teachers.

To secure your chance at Brown University, follow the guidelines we have mentioned in this article for writing the brown supplemental essays. But before that, let’s know what such essays are for.

What is Brown Supplemental Essay?

Brown University is known for its non-descriptive curriculum due to which students find contentment satisfaction in sorting out their academic journeys. The flexible curriculum allows students to apply to brown university with ease.

A Brown supplemental essay is demanded from students to see what kind of a person they are and whether the university benefits from their intellect or not.

How Do You Write a Brown Supplemental Essay?

To write successful Brown Supplemental essays, it is better to rely on the expertise of a professional essay writer who knows his way with words. Such a writer helps you improve the quality of your papers and makes the Brown Supplemental essay writing process easier for you.

When you are crafting your papers on your own, here are your top 10 tips to follow for standing out of the crowd and leave an impact on the minds of your evaluation committee:

1. Know the Contest Rules

The very first thing that you need to be cautious about is the entry rules of the contest you are applying to. Do not overlook even one single tiny detail. Pay attention to the closing and entry dates and study the essay requirements. You should know the word count, theme and other specific details of your work before crafting your essay.

2. Come up With Creative Essay Ideas

If you have not been provided with essay ideas for your work, you should come up with topics that are unique in nature and force you to be creative. Write all of your ideas down, and do not judge – the more ideas you come up with, the better it shall be. Try to speak to as many people as you can before picking the topic.

3. Choose the Topic That Fits the Theme

Among the list of topics available to you, pick one that resonates with your experiences the most. This way, you sound natural when you are narrating an incident in your work. Develop your content and keep it relevant to the theme of your essay.

4. Write a Captivating Introduction

The Brown Supplemental essay introduction must define the title of your work and shed light on its importance. Remember that the first sentence is the most important of all. Start it with an intriguing, powerful, or funny sentence, and you shall hook the interest of your judges and readers.

5. Show Your Progress

To make your essay interesting, you should use personal experiences, examples, and stories to personalise it. Demonstrate the point you want to make by using examples. Avoid using vague information and cliché phrases in your essay. The best thing to do in this regard is to be logical and organised in your Brown Supplemental essay structure.

6. Consistent Formatting

One thing that can give you an edge over other competitors is that you should have consistent formatting in the papers you craft. Use the right grammar and simple words and make sure that you are following a logical structure in your work. Each paragraph should have a topic sentence and should start with a distinct idea.

7. Let Your Work Shine

Keep in mind that your words shall portray your personality in front of the readers of your work. Make sure that you are meeting the objectives that you listed in the Brown Supplemental essay thesis statement and use creative phrases to convey your meaning. However, avoid adding too much technical jargon to your work.

8. Revise Your Essay

Once you are done writing the first draft of your essay, look over it and ensure that it has a smooth flow. Do the transitions in your papers make sense? Does it sound logical when you read it aloud to yourself? Cut all the unnecessary words and ensure that your work comes under the word count limit.

9. Review the Entry Rules

Check the entry requirements of your Brown Supplemental essay and ensure that you have not overlooked anything. Make a checklist of all the rules and check if you have missed any rules in your work. Read your essay and eliminate all sorts of mistakes that you witness in your work.

10. Proofread and Submit

Now that you have done all the work, you should proofread your essay completely and ensure that there are no mistakes in your papers. Finally, it is now the time to submit your essay. Do it on time and do not be late. Keep your fingers crossed for your desired results!

Does Brown University Require Supplemental Essays?

Yes, Brown University requires students to submit a total of four essays and out of these 4, three are supplemental essays. Students can display their views about meaningful extracurricular commitment in such essays.

How Long Are Brown Supplemental Essays?

Generally, students have to write three 250-word supplements based on the academic interests that excite them to broadly explore the world around them. They also need to submit 4 shorter responses.

What Is the Acceptance Rate for Brown’s Early Decision?

As stated by The Brown Daily Herald, the acceptance rate for the early decision cycle is 14.4%. In 2023, 898 of 6,244 early decision entrants joined the community of Brown University undergraduates.

Brown Supplemental Essay Topics for 2024

The topics and Brown Supplemental essay ideas that you should prepare for the 2024 competition are the following:

  • In one sentence, why do you want to choose Brown?
  • Students entering Brown often find themselves willing to offer unique contributions to the Brown community. Share how an aspect of how growing up has inspired you.
  • Brown students care deeply and extensively about their work and the world they see around them. Share what brings you joy: a big or small, mundane or spectacular way of life?
  • Making a home on College Hill helps students reflect on where they came from, and they find meaning in their daily interactions and major discoveries. Share your experience in this regard.
  • You should also read a few Brown supplemental essay examples to understand the writing style of successful students who secured their admissions to this university.


It is a great idea to double-check your Brown Supplemental essay to make sure that you have not overlooked anything. You should make a checklist of all the requirements of your essay and review it point-by-point with the essay you have crafted to ensure that you have hit those points. You can also ask your friends to double-check your grammar and spelling.

But sometimes, even your computer’s spell check program can make mistakes so it is always helpful to have another person supervise your work. Remember, getting Brown Supplemental essay help from professional essay writing services is always worthwhile because they have a knack for winning competition essays. You maximise your winning chances when you get help from such a service.

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