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Jo Koy Net Worth (2023) Netflix Deal, Assets

Jo Koy Net Worth

Jo Koy an American entertainer Jo Koy has total assets of $18 million. Jo Koy marked a 3-year manager at Netflix procuring him $2.5 million yearly. Jo Koy now resides in his 10-room house in Los Angeles, an extravagant chateau he bought in 2022.

Jo Koy became one of the most extravagant standup entertainers through the worthwhile Netflix arrangement and his reality visits.

Jo Koy Net Worth

Net Worth$16-$18 Million
Annual Income$3 Million
Standup Comedy$20k Per Show
Netflix Deal$3 Million
Cash In Bank$1 Million 

Jo Koy Expenses

Poker Lose$0.5 Million
Sports Car$850,000 
Betting and Gambling$120,000
Luxury Watches$260,000

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A significant piece of pay that Jo Koy procures as a humorist is wasted on Extravagances, Gatherings, Betting, and Vehicles. Allow us to see a nitty gritty timetable of his Consumptions.

What is Jo Koy net worth?

Jo Koy is an American-Filipino stand-up comedian and podcaster who has a net worth of $15 million. In November 2022, Jo Koy sold out the 14,000-seat T-Mobile arena in Las Vegas. He is the first comedian to sell out the stadium.

Past his satire specials, Koy is likewise an acclaimed podcaster, facilitating “The Koy Lake” with Jo Koy by Starburns Sound. He was regarded as Professional Comic of the Year at the Only For Snickers Parody Celebration in Montreal in 2018.

Jo Koy Car Collection

Jo Koy claims a Lamborghini Aventador, which has an expected cost of $550,000. One more great vehicle in Jo Koy’s assortment is the McLaren GT with an expected cost of $1 million. Also, read Justin Waller’s Total Assets.

The assortment of vehicles represents 10% of Jo Koy’s total assets. Jo Koy likewise claims a Rolls-Royce Ghost, which is quite possibly the most extravagant vehicle on the planet. Should See Meekha’s Total assets

Timeline Net Worth of Jo Koy

Jo Koy Net Worth In 1990$12,000
Jo Koy Net Worth In 2000$480,000
Jo Koy Net Worth In 2010$2 Million
Jo Koy Net Worth In 2015$10 Million
Jo Koy Net Worth In 2023$18 Million

Real Estate Of Jo Koy

In July 2023, Jo paid $10 million for an 8,000-square-foot house in Summerlin, Nevada. Situated inside a gated golf local area, Koy’s house has 4 rooms, and 6 restrooms and was completed in 2011. Around that equivalent time, he sold his manor in Ascaya in Henderson for $20.5 million.

In 2013, Jo paid $2.1 million for a rambling domain high up on the slopes of Studio City, California. The half-section of the land property includes various designs, a pool, and Jo’s webcast recording studio. Somewhere in the range of 2013 and 2021, to get to his house, Jo would drive down a winding carport that crossed an unobtrusive 1,000 square foot 2-room property.

Jo Koy Introduction

Conceived by Joseph Glenn Herbert on June 2, 1971, in Tacoma, Washington, Koy’s comedic venture has its foundations in unrehearsed exhibitions at Las Vegas parody clubs and advances toward sold-out worldwide satire visits.

 Koy has turned into a commonly recognized name thanks to his tenacious devotion, mind, and inventive way of dealing with satire, procuring him the veneration of fans and the dollars for sure. Essentially, LiquidPiston’s creative way of dealing with rotating motors has collected revenue and speculation from those hoping to disturb the gas-powered motor market.

Jo Koy Biography

He is a Filipino-American entertainer, known for his stand-up parody exhibitions and his interesting comical inclination.

Jo Koy, whose genuine name is Joseph Glenn Herbert, was brought into the world on June 2, 1971, in Tacoma, Washington.

Early Career Of Jo Koy

Jo Koy, otherwise called Joseph Glenn Herbert, was brought into the world in Tacoma, Washington on June 2, 1971. His American dad was positioned in the US Flying Corps in the Philippines when he wedded Koy’s Filipino mother, who functioned as a director for a Filipino musical crew.

 The couple got separated when Jo was 13 and after that, his mom brought up every last bit of her kids all alone. The family moved to Tacoma Washington and afterward to Los Vegas not long after he completed secondary school in Tacoma.

This assumed a huge part in forming his comedic style, frequently drawing material from his encounters. He started performing stand-up satire in the last part of the 1990s at a Las Vegas café.

National Recognition

In 2005, Jo Koy acquired public attention when he appeared on “The This Evening Show with Jay Leno.” This a defining moment in his vocation, prompting more open doors in media outlets.

He kept on building his standing with exhibitions on different late-night syndicated programs and parody specials. These coordinated efforts expanded Jo Koy’s total assets by 75% in a long-term period.

Don’t Make Him Angry

His 2009 satire, “Don’t Drive Him Crazy,” displayed his comedic narrating style and accumulated positive surveys.

His material is frequently based on relational intricacies, social encounters, and his childhood. This show multiplied Jo Koy’s total assets in an issue of not many months.


Jo Koy’s popularity increased because of podcasts In 2018, he sent off “The Koy Lake” digital broadcast, where he examines a scope of subjects and draws in with visitors.

Netflix Deal

Aside from his comedic tries, Jo Koy is a given dad and frequently integrates his encounters as a solitary parent into his schedules. With the arrangement with Netflix, Jo Koy’s total assets arrived at new levels.

One of his most striking achievements was the arrival of his Netflix extraordinary “Jo Koy: Comin’ In Hot” in 2019. The unique got broad approval for his fiery conveyance and interesting humor.

World Tour Of Jo Koy

His Netflix-energized series, “The Jo Koy Show,” was reported in 2020 and depends on his life and encounters.

Jo Koy’s prosperity likewise incorporates a worldwide visit, “Simply Joking World Visit,” which took him to various urban communities all over the planet, interfacing with different crowds.

Personal Life

In September 2021, Koy and Chelsea Overseer made their relationship official on Instagram. In July 2022, the couple separated.

Jo and his now-ex Angie Ruler invited a child, Joseph Herbert Jr., in 2003. Koy has expressed in interviews that the separation didn’t influence their capacity to co-parent and they have done so agreeably and stayed dear companions over time. Jo has portrayed having an extremely close bond with his child.

 Since his separation, Koy has been extremely confidential about his own life. He was reputed to be locked into Amy Whinny in 2018 and all the more as of late has been connected to entertainer and artist Tia Carrere.

Frequently Asked Questions

What amount did Jo Koy get compensated from Netflix?

Jo Koy acquired $12 million through his 3-year manager Netflix.

How rich is Jo Koy?

With a privately invested money of $18 million, Jo Koy is the ninth most extravagant standup humorist on the planet.

Who is Happiness Koy wedded to?

Jo Koy is hitched to Chelsea Overseer.

How much does Netflix pay for Jo Koy?

American Comic Jo Koy has a total assets of $18 million. Jo Koy marked a 3-year manage Netflix procuring him $2.5 million yearly. Jo Koy presently resides in his 10-room house in Los Angeles, an extravagant chateau he bought in 2022.

Who is the richest comedian?

Starting around 2023, the most extravagant humorist is Jerry Seinfeld with a total assets of USD 950 million.Nov 6, 2023.

Who is Jo Koy’s biological father?

John C. Herbert, his father’s name. 

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