Mr Beast Net Worth

How much does YouTube’s top creator make?

Mr Beast Net Worth: Beast is the richest YouTuber we know, so we will discuss how he makes money and his net worth in this article.

YouTube was started in 2005, but a lot of people do not know about this platform. It was just a simple video-uploading platform. It was just for sharing simple content.

Who is Mr. Beast?

The YouTube client started his residency on the site in 2012, when he was just 13 years old, transferring play-along recordings for famous games like “Minecraft” and “Dark Operations,” as well as recordings about the YouTube stage itself and the total assets of a portion of its most famous designers.

He went viral very fast, but he’s one of the best viral videos (counted to 100,000 in a nearly full-day-long video). In this, he had to spend a lot of money, so this was counted by YouTube’s 24-hour video limit.

Net Worth

In 2023, that passage of time made him the most influential person in the entire world. Now he is the highest-paid YouTuber in the world, and his estimated net worth is over $500 million.

He is also the world’s youngest YouTube creator, having over 217 million subscribers on just 771 videos. But the number of subscribers is increasing day by day.

Quick Summary

Full NameJimmy Donaldson
Nick NameMR. Beast
Date Of BirthMay 7, 1998
Age 25 Years Old
OriginGreenville, North Carolina
Channels6 Channels
Great AchievementsPioneer of philanthropic YouTube stunt videos
Business MrBeast Burger, Feastables (MrBeast Bars, Karl Gummies) & Mobile Gaming
Net Worth (2023)$500 Million
Major Income sourceYouTube, Sponsorships
DebatesAlleged exploitation of Cape Town orphans in 2022 (Which he denied)
Personal challengesDiagnosed with Crohn’s disease in ninth grade
RelationshipDating Maddy Spidell since June 2019
Nobal VideosSurprising My Girlfriend With 100,000 Roses For Valentine’s Day

Rise from a YouTube 

Jimmy was born in Greenville, North Carolina. He started his YouTube journey when he was just 13 years old, transferring play-along recordings for famous games like “Minecraft” and “Dark Operations,” as well as recordings about the YouTube stage itself and the total assets of a portion of its most famous designers.

Channels Of YouTube & Subscriber

He now has six amazing channels, which are as follows:

Business Ventures

We will discuss in this paragraph Mr. Beast’s business, in which he had so many new businesses. Some closer business of Mr. Beast is as follows:

1. MrBeast Burger:

Launched: He introduced Mr Beast Burger in 2020. He introduced an exciting restaurant to deliver burgers.

Expansion: It was expanded in 2022, and it opened a physical location in America.

2. Feastables

Introduction: He announced Feastables in 2022 it was a food company that produced a great chocolate bar. 

3. Mobile Gaming: In 2020 he introduced a mobile game app which is called “Finger on the App”.

5. Philanthropy & Stunt Videos: While his videos give a large amount of money, a portion of these recordings likewise have support that covers the expenses of the giveaways, transforming magnanimity into a productive endeavor.

6. Team Trees: In 2019 he launched Team Trees. This team was to create to develop 20 Million trees in just 2 months. 


As he proceeds to develop and grow, his story fills in as a motivation, demonstrating that with enthusiasm and persistence, one could fabricate a domain at any point and use it to better the world.

His monetary story is a mix of development, business sharpness, and a certifiable craving to have an effect.

Top 20 highest-earning creators for 2022, and 2023 of YouTube, according to Forbes:

1. MrBeast (Jimmy Donaldson): $82 million

2. Rhett and Connection: $35 million

3. PrestonPlayz (Preston Arsement): $35 million

4. Ryan Kaji (Ryan’s Reality): $35 million

5. Jake Paul: $34 million

6. Markiplier (Imprint Edward Fischbach): $30 million

7. FuckJerry (Elliot Tebele): $30 million

8. Jacksepticeye (Sean McLoughlin): $27 million

9. Matt Overflowing: $25 million

10. KSI (Olajide Olatunji): $24 million

11. Charli D’Amelio: $23 million

12. Logan Paul: $21 million

13. Emma Chamberlain: $20 million

14. Alex Cooper: $20 million

15. Brent Rivera: $17.5 million

16. Khaby Faltering: $16.5 million

17. Amouranth (Kaitlyn Siragusa): $15 million

18. Huda Kattan: $13 million

19. Zach Lord: $13 million

18. Bailey Sarian: $13 million


MrBeast which has north of 213 million endorsers. What are MrBeast total assets? MrBeast total assets are assessed at more than $500 million bucks starting around 2023.

As per gauges from Superstar Total Assets, MrBeast rounds up between $3 and $5 million every month through a blend of promotion income and paid sponsorships.

Olajide Olayinka Williams “JJ” Olatunji, otherwise called KSI, was brought into the world in 1993 in Watford, Hertfordshire, Britain.

YouTube revenue by video views
YouTube revenue per 10K views$50 – 70
YouTube revenue per 100K views$500 – 700
YouTube revenue per 500K views$2,500 – 3,500
YouTube revenue per million views$5,000 – 7,000

Who will be the most extravagant YouTuber in 2023? The most extravagant YouTuber in 2023 is Jeffree Star, with an expected total assets of more than $200 million and a yearly pay of $15–$20 million.

The most generously compensated YouTuber in 2023 is Jimmy Donaldson, Otherwise known as MrBeast. He procured $54 million all through 2022 and makes about $3 million every month in YouTube promotion income alone. Who are the 2 most extravagant YouTubers? The two most extravagant YouTubers by total assets are Jeffree Star and MrBeast, with both at more than $100 million.

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