Tips to Hire a Severance Package with Your Employer 

If you have been laid off without any warning, it can really be a disappointing experience for you. finding a new job, dealing with finances and society all at the same time can make your life tougher than ever before. At this time, if you are unable to understand any clause in your employment contract, it is a good idea to contact a law firm such as Jeffrey Goldberg Law. These professionals may have worked with several employees or clients with similar issues. They can guide you in a better manner.

How to negotiate a severance package with your company 

You can always speak with your employer if you want to make some changes. Below mentioned are a few tips, you should follow while doing so:

Don’t sign any document

It is strongly recommended not to sign any document if you want to discuss the severance package with your employer. If you do so, you are likely to ruin your chances of any increase in the compensation. Moreover, you might be stressed or upset about leaving the company like this and may not be able to make the right decision.

Read the agreement properly 

When you are making the final decision about leaving the company, you may not be able to understand the legal language. It is a good idea to pause and go through this legal document properly before making the final move. It will give you more clarity about the contract. If you believe anything is missing or misrepresentative, you can point it out. 

Contact an expert 

It is a good idea to get in touch with a severance lawyer if you want to make a great difference to your severance package. He will review the contract and make you understand it in an easy language. He can also suggest whether there is any room for improvement. Apart from this, he can also make you understand how certain clauses can affect your career and future employment. That’s why, it is always suggested to have him on your side.

Long-term benefits

Instead of asking for more payment, you can consider negotiating other aspects of the severance packages such as health benefits, outplacement services and a letter of reference. All of these can make a great difference to your career in the long run.

Contacting or hiring a severance lawyer can help you get what you deserve. That’s why, you must hire him as soon as possible. 

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