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Linsey Harteis also known as Linsey Toole, is now 38 years old. She’s famous for modeling, pageants, and TV. She’s successful in these areas. Linsey is married to Freddy Harteis, who is a reality TV star, producer, rancher, and conservationist. Let’s know more about her personal life.

Linsey Harteis biography
Full NameLinsey Harteis (formerly Linsey Toole)
Date of BirthAugust 12, 1985
Age38 years old
BirthplacePlant City, Florida, USA
Height5’8″ (173 cm)
Marital StatusMarried to Freddy Harteis
Children2: Emersyn Rose (b. Oct 25, 2018) and Huck Frederick (b. Nov 17, 2019)
Career HighlightsWinner of Miss Racing Queen contest (2014)
Net WorthEstimated substantial
Social MediaInstagram: @linseyharteis
Linsey Biography

Linsey Harteis Biography

Linsey also known as Linsey Toole on August 12, 1985, has become famous in modeling, pageants, and TV. She grew up in the USA, and from a young age, she loved arts and performing.

Linsey’s Education

We don’t know much about her schooling, but it’s clear that Linsey’s always been passionate about being creative and expressing herself.

Physical Appearance

Linsey stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches (173 cm) and weighs approximately 107 lbs (49 kg). She has a slim build, blue eyes, and blonde hair.

Linsey’s Marital Status And Personal Life:

People started noticing Linsey’s personal life when she got together with Freddy Harteis, who’s on reality TV and cares about nature. They got engaged in May 2021 and have two lovely kids, named Emersyn Rose Harteis, born on October 25, 2018, and Huck Frederick Harteis, born on November 17, 2019. They met by chance in 2010 and have been growing together ever since.

Linsey Harteis family

Linsey’s Family Story:

Linsey was born in Plant City, Florida, to her mom Karen, and dad John. Her mom finished college in 2013. Linsey has a younger sister named Savanna Rose. Even though they didn’t have much money growing up, they were close and loved each other. They still have that sibling love today. Linsey’s also tight with her extended family, like her cousins and grandparents, who you’ll often see on her social media.

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Linsey’s Career Highlights:

Linsey’s career started with the “Hooters Best Damn Dream Girl” contests in 2007 and 2008. This got her into modeling and TV. She won the Miss Racing Queen contest in 2014, winning $100,000 and chances to travel.

Besides pageants, Linsey models for brands like Stetson and Wrangler. She’s even been in music videos, showing she can do different things in her career.

Linsey’s Hobbies and interest:

Linsey does lots of things that show off her lively personality. She likes traveling, being outdoors, and hanging out with her family. You can see how much she loves adventures and trying new things on her social media, where she shares happy moments from her life.

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Linsey’s Social Media Presence

Linsey Harteis has an active Instagram account (@linseyharteis) with 31K followers. She regularly posts photos and videos, offering glimpses into her personal and professional life.

Linsey Harteis instagram account details
Linsey Instagram

Linsey Net Worth

We don’t know exactly how much Linsey’s worth, but because she’s done so well in modeling, TV, and pageants, she’s probably doing pretty well financially. Winning the Miss Racing Queen contest and being popular on social media shows just how successful and influential she is. However, it was estimated her partner Freddy Harteis’ net worth was around $2 million.

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Linsey went from wanting to be a model to becoming a successful person and caring mom. Her journey shows she’s determined, loving, and strong. What she’s done in her career and personal life inspires people. As she keeps going through life’s ups and downs, Linsey’s story reminds us to keep going and embrace all the different parts of life with positivity and excitement.


Who is Linsey Harteis?

Linsey Harteis is famous for being on TV and in beauty contests.

How old is Linsey ?

Linsey Harteis was born on August 12, 1985, and she’s 38 years old.

Who is Linsey married to?

Linsey is married to Freddy Harteis, who’s on TV and cares about nature.

How many kids does Linsey have?

Linsey has two kids. Emersyn Rose Harteis, born on October 25, 2018, and Huck Frederick Harteis, born on November 17, 2019.

Where was Linsey born?

Linsey was born in Plant City, Florida, USA.

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