Miss B nasty

Miss B Nasty: Age, Net Worth, Career And Relation Status

Miss B Nasty is also known as Brittnee Rae, is popular in the adult entertainment world. She was born on October 15, 1991, in Memphis, Tennessee. She started by working in films and then became famous as an adult film star. Later, she moved on to become an elite escort. let’s check out her biography and what makes her famous.

Miss B nasty
Real NameBrittnee Rae
Date of BirthOctober 15, 1991
BirthplaceMemphis, Tennessee, USA
Height5 feet 10 inches
WeightApproximately 140 pounds
Body Measurements32-23-35
Tattoos19 tattoos, majority acquired last year
EducationBachelor of Business Administration from Makerere University
CareerAdult film star, high-class escort, photography
Social MediaTwitter: @MissBNasty
Instagram: @TheMissBNasty
OnlyFans: @missbnasty
Snapchat: missbnasty4good
Net WorthEstimated between $100,000 to $750,000
Relationship StatusSingle mother to one son
Miss Nasty Personal Details

Miss B Nasty Wikipedia/biography

Miss Nasty, whose real name is Brittnee Rae. She was born on October 15, 1991, in Memphis, Tennessee, is a popular in the adult entertainment world. She became famous for her amazing performances and strong presence, gaining a big following for her roles in adult films and web scenes.

She started as a film attendant, then became a star in adult films, and later moved into elite escorting. Her journey is a mix of being famous and keeping her personal life private. Miss B Nasty’s career is marked by ambition, as she continues to charm audiences and push boundaries in the adult industry.

Family background

Miss Nasty has a unique family background. Her mother is from London and she’s white, while her father is from Ghana, and he’s black. She has a close relationship with her sister Brandi, who is six years older than her. Even though Brittnee has chosen a different kind of career, her family supports her and takes pride in her success.

Educational Background

Miss Nasty went to different schools like Nyakasura School, Kibuli Secondary School, and Munali Secondary School. She didn’t stop there and continued her education. She got a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree from Makerere University. This shows she’s dedicated to both her work and her studies.

Physical Appearance/Looks/Style:

Miss Nasty is a tall lady, standing at 5 feet 10 inches, and she weighs around 140 pounds. She has a beautiful presence with body measurements of 32-23-35.. Her brown hair, expressive brown eyes, and radiant skin add to her attractiveness. These physical features play a part in her success in the modeling and entertainment industry.

She has 19 tattoos. She once tweeted about a tattoo, mentioning that it was painful but turned out beautiful. Recently, she shared her desire to black out her current back tattoo.

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Hobbies And Interest

Apart from her work, Miss Nasty has a bunch of hobbies she loves. She really likes traveling and considers herself a big fan of dogs. Being around water, like rivers, lakes, and beaches, is something she enjoys too. She’s also into fashion, and you can see her sharing photos of her modeling different styles of clothes and swimwear on social media.

Career Achievements:

Miss Nasty started her career in adult films in 2007, where she quickly gained recognition for her performances. She showed her versatility by shifting from adult films to becoming a high-class escort in 2012. Additionally, she has displayed her talent in photography, adding more skills to her professional portfolio.

Net Worth:

Miss Nasty has achieved financial success, with an estimated net worth ranging from $100,000 to $750,000. This amazing figure reflects her accomplishments in acting, modeling, and escorting.

Relationship Status:

In her personal life, Miss Nasty is a single mother with a son from a previous relationship. Her current relationship status is undisclosed, as she values privacy in her personal matters.

Social Media Presence

Twitter Fun:

Miss Nasty shares lots of cool stuff on her Twitter page, @MissBNasty. She talks about her daily life, thoughts, and connects with her fans. It’s like a lively space where she chats with her followers and makes it feel like a little community.

Instagram Glam:

For a glamorous side, check out Miss Nasty’s Instagram, @TheMissBNasty. It’s a visual treat with stunning photoshoots, behind-the-scenes moments, and cool lifestyle pics. This is where she gets to show off her creative side and keep everything looking awesome.

Exclusive OnlyFans:

If you’re into exclusive and bold content, Miss B Nasty has an OnlyFans account (@missbnasty). Here, she shares special stuff for subscribers, giving them a more personal look into her life. It’s like a VIP pass to get closer to her.

Snapchat Vibes:

For a more spontaneous and instant connection, Miss B Nasty uses Snapchat (missbnasty4good). It’s a more laid-back and unfiltered look into her everyday activities, giving followers a real-time feel.

Linktree Hub:

To make things easy, Miss Nasty uses Linktree as a central hub. It’s like a one-stop-shop for all her social media. This makes it simple for followers to explore and connect with her across different platforms.

Miss Nasty’s content is a mix of her daily life, work, and exclusive peeks behind the scenes. Through these platforms, she keeps things interactive and stays connected with her diverse audience.

Concluding Miss B Nasty’s Biography

Miss Nasty, once known as Brittnee Rae, is a well-known name in adult entertainment. She went through challenges from the start to become famous. She changed from being an adult film star to a high-class escort, making her own unique way. On social media like Twitter, Instagram, OnlyFans, and Snapchat, she talks with her fans and shares special stuff. Outside of her job, Miss Nasty inspires people with her charm and hard work, showing how strong it is to follow your dreams even when things get tough.

Who is Miss B Nasty?

Miss Nasty, also known as Brittnee Rae, is an American adult film star, high-class escort, and social media influencer known for her work in the adult entertainment industry.

What is Miss Nasty’s real name?

Miss B Nasty’s real name is Brittnee Rae.

When and where was Miss Nasty born?

Miss Nasty was born on October 15, 1991, in Memphis, Tennessee, USA

What is Miss Nasty’s height and weight?

Miss Nasty stands at 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs approximately 140 pounds.

How many tattoos does Miss Nasty have?

Miss Nasty has a total of 19 tattoos, with the majority acquired last year

What is Miss Nasty’s educational background?

Miss B Nasty holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Makerere University.

What is Miss B Nasty’s career?

Miss Nasty’s career spans across adult entertainment, high-class escorting, and photography.

What is Miss Nasty’s relationship status?

Miss Nasty is a single mother to one son.

What is Miss Nasty’s net worth?

Miss B Nasty’s net worth is estimated to be between $100,000 to $750,000.

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