Manager to Stars David Bolno on the Importance of Giving Back

Manager to Stars David Bolno on the Importance of Giving Back

In the glitzy, affluent universe of Hollywood’s entertainment elite, it may be smooth to get swept up in a lifestyle of luxury and self-indulgence. Bucketloads of money, limitless repute and attention, and a steady air of exclusivity tend to come with accomplishing stardom. But even among the biggest celebrities and power players, there are humble individuals like David Bolno striving to use their success and platforms for the greater good.

Contributing More Than Just Dollars

When most people envision the wealthy giving back to society, they likely picture wealthy benefactors writing out hefty lump-sum checks to various charities or nonprofits. And of course, providing critical financial support is certainly part of Bolno’s personal giving philosophy. 

For example, he and his wife established the Bolno-Pineles Family Scholarship Fund to help students of Jewish heritage pursue careers in medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. This fund aims to remove financial barriers that often prevent gifted young people from following their academic dreams and passions.

As Bolno explains it, education lays the groundwork for transforming lives and communities across generations. By investing directly into scholars’ educations, the scholarship empowers them with knowledge and the opportunity to positively influence many others down the line.

Rolling Up the Sleeves and Getting Involved

As both a seasoned industry veteran and a highly analytical business mind, Bolno meets regularly with new founders to provide coaching on complex areas like structuring operations, assessing capital needs, analyzing market opportunities/risks, and optimizing long-term growth strategies. He shares practical insights honed from decades of decision-making experience to help put these fledgling companies in the best position to thrive.

Having an accomplished figure like Bolno take a vested interest by actively sharing knowledge, making introductions to potential investors, and generally offering hands-on support can be invaluable for start-ups facing an uphill battle. This type of personal mentorship accelerates the learning curve immensely for hungry, hard-working aspiring entrepreneurs.  

On top of teaching others, Bolno also emphasizes the importance of seeking out ways to get directly involved through volunteering with community-based organizations, outreach programs, food banks, urban renewal initiatives, and countless other avenues where an extra pair of hands can make a positive difference. 

He points out that one of the beautiful things about giving back is the sheer volume of opportunities available if you simply commit to looking around your local area. Neighbourhood councils, religious communities, schools and universities, and nonprofits of all kinds are constantly seeking volunteers to help with everything from preparing meals and tutoring students to cleaning up public spaces or providing job training skills.

Profound Personal Benefits of Giving Back

While the external impacts of giving back tend to get the bulk of attention, Bolno is quick to emphasize that givers themselves reap tremendous personal benefits as well. Volunteering your time, skills, or financial resources has been shown to boost physical and mental health in myriad ways.

Studies have linked giving back to improved self-esteem, increased life satisfaction, better sleep quality, lower risk of depression, reduced stress levels, and even longer life expectancy in some cases. There’s just something inexplicably fulfilling that happens when you decide to look outside yourself and start creating value for others in need, especially face-to-face.

It provides a deeper sense of purpose and perspective that can be wildly reinvigorating during life’s more challenging times. Giving back allows you to put your struggles into perspective while appreciating how your unique gifts and circumstances can positively impact those facing major disadvantages or crises.

A Lifelong Journey of Growth

For those looking to get started with a commitment to service and giving back, Bolno advises retaining an open mindset attitude about the manner being a perpetual journey of boom and discovery instead of a single transaction. You may initially volunteer or contribute based on a particular passion, only to get exposed to many other worthy causes that stir new interests and awaken different sides of yourself.

The act of giving itself is enriching and opens your heart to finding deeper fulfilment through constantly expanding how and whom you choose to support over time. If you stay dedicated and embrace each new experience with selflessness and empathy, you’ll find the guidance to uncover your true calling.

For the business mogul himself, giving back has become a core part of his identity that brings him tremendous joy and grounding from the hectic, high-stakes entertainment world. He credits much of his professional success and perseverance to the clarity of mind gained through actively nurturing his philanthropic side.

By sharing his time, financial resources, and wisdom, Bolno gets to witness firsthand how his efforts empower others and catalyze positive change. This perpetuates a rewarding cycle of growth and impact that gives his work deeper meaning while inspiring those around him to find their unique ways of serving the greater good.

It’s a powerful mindset and lifestyle that anyone from any background can choose to embrace at any moment. Because at the end of the day, as Bolno would say, your career accomplishments, popularity, or net worth alone don’t measure true wealth and influence. It’s defined by how you choose to pay your blessings forward and leave the world a little bit better than how you found it.

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