Let’s Have A Look At The Top Industries Of Japan And The Philippines

Let’s Have A Look At The Top Industries Of Japan And The Philippines

Being the world’s third largest business market, Japan aims to strengthen its strategic partnership with its neighboring countries. Given Japan and the Philippines’ support of the established ruler-based order in the Indo-Pacific, Japan is a highly important partner of the Philippines in various aspects. Both countries stand at the prime time of their bilateral trade relations. They are opening new avenues and combining their emerging industries to fuel exports and fulfill their local market demand. As Japan has the upper hand, it is providing opportunities for the Philippines’ businesses to collaborate and expand. 

Though the Phillipines’s exports to Japan aren’t as high as it was before the COVID-19 pandemic, it is showing signs of quick recovery. The export operations of a country directly support its economy and local manufacturers. For every country, it is essential to bring local manufacturers to the spotlight. However, these manufacturers struggle to interact effectively with international leaders and suppliers. English to Japanese translation services can bridge the communication gap and provide a gateway to establish export agreements with Japanese companies. 

Electronics and Electrical Equipment Export [Philippines]

The Philippines is among the few Asian countries that is leading the electronic industry with its quality and reliable products. Apart from commercial equipment, the Philippines has worked on the latest electronic products and devices to sell globally. It has top online retailers of consumer products including Apple, Shopee, Samsung, Lenovo, and many more. We all know the impact and outreach of these leading electronic brands. Global customers are more inclined to pay extra money to buy from their brands over other electronic brands. 

This indicates that the Philippines’ electronic industry is backed by globally recognized companies. It can seamlessly export these goods to other regions with more demand and limited suppliers. Surprisingly, this significant market cap is restricted due to language barriers. These Philippines brands cannot speak the language of global suppliers. This calls for Filipino translation services to ensure access to international markets. Having these services at their disposal, the Philippine’s electronic companies can connect with Japan and many other regions. 

E-Commerce Industry [Philippines]

In the Philippines, e-commerce is the only sector that experienced massive growth and expansion during the pandemic time. And the sector continued to grow even more with time. E-commerce has taken over the retail sector and provided local manufacturers with several digital ways of selling their products globally. It won’t be wrong to say that the Philippines’ small-scale companies managed to scale up their business and revenue with minimum efforts in the last few years. It is mainly because of the demand in its local market. And it is evident that if an industry is performing well in the local market, it can record massive sales in the global market as well. 

It appears to be the best time for local e-commerce sellers to target new regions and ultimately boost the exports of the country. E-commerce marketplaces have huge market share as they enable local brands to directly sell their products across the world. However, the only thing that the e-commerce industry demands from local suppliers is to prepare their online portfolio in the native language of each target region. Filipino translation services can assist at every stage of localizing your website and marketing material. With these services, you can greatly improve your branding experience and get to know about different cultures. 

Automobiles [ Japan]

Japan’s dominance in the automobile sector is praised globally. The country is the second largest exporter of automobiles in the world. Japan’s automobile sector accounts for 18% of its overall exports. With that much potential, the country is seeking more international collaboration opportunities to sell globally. In the last few years, China remained the major importer of cars and auto parts from Japan. However, recent statistics show that the US is quite happy with Japanese automobile goods. 

With every passing year, the US is increasing its demand and asking Japanese manufacturers to boost their production. This indicates huge potential for Japanese companies in the US region. These companies can take assistance from English to Japanese translation services to interact more effectively and get the most out of this lucrative market. 

Agriculture and Fishing Industry [Japan]

What makes Japan a famous country other than its manufacturing sector? It’s the production sector that has the huge capacity to manage local needs and export goods to the world. Japan is blessed with favorable environmental conditions and most importantly almost 20% of its land is suitable for agriculture and farming. These few factors give Japan the highest level of crop output per acre. Undoubtedly, the agriculture sector acts as a driving force for its thriving economy as well. 

Similarly, Japan has a satisfactory fish production capacity. Medium-sized boat fishing represents almost half of its production and deep fishing is responsible for the remaining portion of Japan’s fish production. Korea is one of the largest importers of seafood from Japan. Several statistics show that Korea imports more than half of its seafood production from Japan. 

Wrapping It Up

After exploring some lucrative industries from Japan and the Philippines, it’s essential to highlight that these Asian markets are continuously expanding their industries. Japan is a resourceful land that is promoting its top industries across the US, China, and other major destinations. Similarly, the Philippines is seeking trade opportunities with countries that have a higher demand for its local goods. Their approach to business expansion helps them try out their luck in new markets and strengthen their overall economy.

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